How to take care of your skin when you are a man?

Just like women, men want healthy skin. And just like women, men suffer from sensitivity, aging or imperfections. However, men's skin is quite different from women's and should be treated accordingly. We will understand why in this article ;-)

The difference is mainly related to hormones. Male testosterone makes their skin thicker, firmer and oilier than that of women. In addition, she ages more slowly. Did you know that men's skin contains more collagen than women's? That's what makes it thicker! Also, this collagen production decreases very unevenly… In men, it decreases steadily, while in women it drops significantly after menopause. This is why women's skin becomes thinner and drier!

Injustice: the signs of aging appear later in men. But be careful: once they appear, they evolve faster. As we know, men tend to take less care of their skin… and wrinkles therefore deepen more quickly.

And yes, “Better Aging” is not just a female subject! Here are our tips for taking care of the skin of our darlings.