Steps to take to maintain your tan

It's back to school, the end of the beautiful days is approaching and you want to keep your tanned complexion, a sweet memory of your holidays. To prolong and illuminate your tan, you have to maintain it. How to do ? After being exposed to the sun, the skin needs to be hydrated and regenerated by appropriate care and by a diet rich in carotenoids and antioxidants.

Foods rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E naturally give you a healthy glow and stimulate the production of melanin, responsible for tanning. They are easily spotted for the most part by their red and orange colors: carrot , tomato, mango, peach, melon, watermelon, apricot, pumpkin… But they are also found in spinach, parsley, or lettuce depending on the season.

It is also recommended to include foods rich in vitamin E to boost the effects of carotenoids. You will find it in particular in foods rich in lipids such as wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, hazelnuts, almonds, or even avocado.

In this article we will reveal the essential beauty gestures to keep your golden tan after a holiday in the sun.