Prebiotics: guarantors of skin health!

We all know the importance of probiotics for a healthy intestinal flora. For the skin, it's the same! Just like our intestines, the hydrolipidic film of our skin is colonized by billions of living micro-organisms (bacteria, parasites, yeasts) which constitute the cutaneous flora, or the immune system of our skin. When balanced, it protects our skin from pathogens and infections. On the other hand, when it is unbalanced, the protection no longer occurs, which is the cause of skin imperfections.

The skin flora (also known as the skin microbiota) varies from person to person and according to certain factors such as age, sex, hormones, temperature, immune system. For example, a hormonal imbalance promotes an imbalance of the skin flora and thus the appearance of skin imperfections. You have certainly noticed that we have more imperfections and small pimples before our period.

You will have understood: a balanced cutaneous flora is essential to have a healthy skin, without imperfections.