Rice based hair mask recipe

It's autumn and you have dry, brittle hair, lacking shine?

It's a fact, autumn is a critical period for our skin, but also for our hair! Weakened by the sun, sea bathing and the chlorine of summer, our hair suffers from the onset of cold weather, the temperature changes between our heated interiors and the cold that reigns outside, the stress of our active lives. . Just like the leaves, they begin to fall. Thus, they are weakened, brittle, dry, and lack luster.

That's why we decided to share with you a recipe for a rice-based hair mask, very simple to make, to find a lioness mane!

The main ingredient of the recipe? Rice flour 😉

Rich in vitamin E, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, rice flour maintains the hydration of the hair fiber while promoting its regeneration. Thanks to its starch content, it smoothes the hair fiber, tames frizz and restores the elasticity of the hair.

Combined with sugar with moisturizing properties, it repairs and strengthens the hair, which regains shine and suppleness.