Authenticity. Science. Sensoriality.


Nestled in a nature reserve of rare beauty, Comporta is certainly the most fashionable destination in Portugal and attracts travelers in search of authenticity, simplicity and nature.

Before being a hype place, Comporta is above all a fishing village with huts with thatched roofs and simple white houses lined with blue.

A little corner of paradise far from prying eyes where time seems to stand still, much appreciated for its tranquility and gentle way of life. Here, we live to the rhythm of nature far from the hustle and bustle.

Since 1925, rice cultivation has been an integral part of the region's history and the Quinta da Comporta hotel occupies the site of former rice warehouses, demolished and then rebuilt identically.

It is in homage to these traditions that we have created Oryza Lab, an authentic skincare brand that reflects Comporta's cultural heritage and harnesses the region's most precious resource: rice.


The grain of rice contains amazing properties for the skin. The women who worked in the rice fields already knew its many virtues and integrated it into their skincare routine.

In the Lab, rice is at the heart of the formulation of our products. The grain of rice is husked with the greatest care to extract key active ingredients for the skin. Our scientific team combines the best botanical and technological ingredients to develop expert formulas.

For optimal effectiveness, each active ingredient is inserted into the formula at its scientifically recommended dosage.


Oryza Lab treatments reconcile the quality of a 100% clean formulation with pleasure, by combining silky textures and refined, natural fragrances, without allergenic essential oils. 

They invite you to take a gentle moment of relaxation and awaken the senses, for absolute well-being.