Clear Skin Duo

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The ideal duo to renew your skin and reveal a flawless complexion. Composed of two cult treatments, it dissolves impurities, make-up (even waterproof), pollution particles and dead cells while activating cell renewal. The skin is clear, healthy, unified and luminous.

  • Cleansing Oil: effectively removes make-up, impurities and sunscreens while providing initial care to the skin and strengthening its protective film.
  • Perfecting peeling: exfoliates the skin, boosts cell renewal, reduces imperfections, refines skin texture, reduces pore size, evens skin tone, reduces dark spots and signs of aging.

All skin types:

- skin with imperfections

- mature skin

- skin lacking radiance

- normal skin

- skin prone to pigment spots.

If your skin is very reactive, the Perfecting Peel may be too strong.

Step 1: remove make-up with Cleansing Oil, which provides initial care to the skin as soon as make-up is removed and strengthens its protective film. This step is essential because many classic make-up removers strip the skin and make it even drier. Apply generously to dry face and eyes, then massage gently. Emulsify with a little water, then rinse with clear water.

Step 2: exfoliate 2 evenings a week with the Perfecting Peel to eliminate all dead cells that slow down cell renewal, tighten pores, smooth the skin, even out the complexion and reduce dark spots. Apply in the evening using a cotton pad by light tapping, on clean, dry skin. Do not rinse. If your skin is sensitive, apply on a cotton pad moistened with water for the first week, for a softer effect. A slight transient tingling may appear, due to the high concentration of active ingredients. It should disappear within a few days, as soon as the skin is used to it.

Avoid the eye area. AHA's can be photosensitizing, apply sun protection in case of sun exposure.

Beautiful skin starts with good make-up removal. This duo is composed of two cult products to renew your skin and dissolve make-up, impurities, pollution particles, sunscreens and dead cells. It boosts cell renewal, gently exfoliates and ensures clear, healthy, luminous and unified skin.
  • Is the Perfecting Peel suitable for reactive skin?

The Perfecting Peel may be too strong for reactive skin. It all depends on the degree of reactivity of the skin. If your skin has a lot of redness, we do not recommend using the Perfecting Peel. If your skin is sensitive without being very reactive, then it may be suitable. We recommend applying it on a damp cotton ball to dilute it a little. Feel free to order the travel size first to see if it's right for your skin.

  • My skin tingles a little when applying Perfecting Peeling, is this normal?

Tingling is normal and transient. The Perfecting Peel is very active. Highly dosed in AHAs, the skin may tingle slightly on first use.

  • Should care be applied after the Perfecting Peel?

Yes, it is even recommended! The Perfecting Peel boosts the effectiveness of the treatments that follow. Its exfoliating action eliminates dead cells that clog pores and thus promotes the penetration of active ingredients. We therefore recommend applying a serum and moisturizer afterwards.

  • Is the Perfecting Peel effective on pigment spots?

Yes, it is a particularly effective product on pigment spots, thanks to its high concentration of AHA (glycolic acid, rice phytic acid, fruit acids), enzymes and niacinamide which act on melanogenesis. It can reduce them well, but does not eliminate them completely.

  • Is the Perfecting Peel effective on the signs of aging?

Yes ! Its exfoliating action eliminates dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin and slow down cell renewal. When this is slowed down, the aging of the skin accelerates. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin; and AHAs and niacinamide even skin tone.

  • Can I use Cleansing Oil on my eyes?

Yes absolutely, it is even strongly recommended! It perfectly dissolves make-up (even waterproof) and takes care of the eye contour thanks to its vegetable oils. Cotton eye make-up removal is not recommended: eyelashes are left behind and wrinkles are created by pulling on the eye contour.

  • I have oily skin, can I use the Cleansing Oil?

Yes ! It is strongly advised not to attack oily skin with a foaming gel, because it can react and produce even more sebum to defend itself. Plus, fat attracts fat! So the Oil is make-up remover is very effective on excess sebum. Finally, it contains purifying hazelnut oil and leaves no greasy film on the skin.

  • Does she sting her eyes? I have sensitive eyes.

The Cleansing Oil does not sting the eyes at all and leaves no unpleasant veil in front of the eyes.

I don't do makeup. Is it still suitable for me?

The Cleansing Oil removes make-up but also particles of pollution, impurities and sunscreens, which are very comedogenic. Nothing is more effective than Cleansing Oil to dissolve them.


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