Youthful Gaze Duo

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The ideal duo for a smooth, luminous and rested look. The white jade mushrooms boost the effectiveness of the 14 active ingredients in the Revitalizing Eye Care, for enhanced action on wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

  • Revitalizing Eye Treatment: a targeted 3-in-1 treatment with a cream texture that reduces puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles in a single gesture. Enriched with vegetable collagen and buckwheat wax, it decongests, smoothes and illuminates the eyes. The eye contour looks younger and less tired.
    • White Jade Mushrooms: very effective on the eye area, the mushrooms drain and decongest the eye contour while smoothing the features. The look is rested, luminous and looks younger.

    All skin types:

    - mature skin

    - skin prone to the first wrinkles

    - circled eye contour

    Step 1: Apply a small amount morning and evening to the eye contour area. Gently pat then smooth the product from the inner corner of the eye outwards, on the lower then upper eyelids.

    For the first use of the Revitalizing Eye Care: tap the bottom of the bottle then apply 4/5 strong pressures to release the product.

    Step 2: Smooth with Mushrooms. Discover the complete user manual on our Youtube Oryza Lab account.

    For a reinforced decongestant effect, put the mushrooms in the refrigerator a few hours before use.

    Purify your mushrooms with a cloth lightly soaked in mineral water or by fumigation with Sacred Sage or Palo Santo.

    A perfect duo to take care of the eye contour effectively. The white jade mushrooms facilitate the massage of this sensitive area and promote the penetration of the targeted active ingredients of the Revitalizing Eye Care.
    • What is the texture of the Revitalizing Eye Treatment?

    The Revitalizing Eye Treatment has a filling cream texture that is easy to work with. It hydrates and smoothes the eye contour.

    • Does the Revitalizing Eye Treatment work on puffiness and dark circles?

    Yes ! The Revitalizing Eye Treatment is a targeted 3-in-1 treatment that acts on all eye contour problems (wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles). Rice bran oil, buckwheat wax and yellow gentian help drain and decongest this sensitive area and boost skin microcirculation to brighten the look. Do not hesitate to associate it with massage movements with the fingers or to work the contour of the eye using jade mushrooms (placed in the refrigerator beforehand)

    • I have a very sensitive eye area. Can I use the Revitalizing Eye Care?

    The Revitalizing Eye Treatment is formulated without harmful ingredients or allergens. It does not contain perfume or water. Its very gentle cream formula contains 14 targeted active ingredients that gently treat eye contour problems. It is ideal for very sensitive skin.


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